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Happy Halloween from Grier!

Grier celebrated Halloween on Friday, October 25th. Students, teachers, and staff donned costumes of all kinds. During Extra Help, students cheered for their favorite costumes across categories of cute, creative, scary, best group, and faculty. The winners received buckets of candy. Those who didn’t win a bucket of candy had ample opportunity to earn their own by trick-or-treating at the doors of faculty member houses and cottage dormitories. Just when they had their fill of sweets, the students headed  to Camp Anderson for a fun night with a haunted hayride, cornfield maze, and campfire.
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    • Vying for the Cutest Costume.

    • Hawaiian Punch!

    • Scariest contestants!

    • Cutest kitty cat!

    • Karen in her Japanese-style costume.

    • The Breakfast Club.

    • Friends in the Auditorium for Morning Assembly.

    • Wifi.

    • Scary!

    • Some criminal Disney princesses.

    • A very scary Ms. Crago!

    • Ashley is the personification of the "Grier plague."

    • Carebears!

    • Laila, Estella, and Lily as Carebears.

    • Some super scary costumes.

    • T'aja as the Karate Kid.

    • Morning Assembly.

    • Zoe as the Plague Doctor!

    • Payton the bee and her keeper Maggie.

    • Whoa, this is a scary costume, Emma!

    • Creative costumes cheering for each other.

    • Some cute 1950s Bobby Soxers.

    • Mrs. Price is the Wicked witch of the Counseling Suite.

    • The Brawny man, Mr. Packnick.

    • Mme. Pope can't resist being a VSCO girl.

    • Ms. Keith is a pirate.

    • Mrs. Shaffer has been teaching at Grier for about 150 years.

    • Mrs. Grier surprises us with a witch costume!

    • Mrs. Reinhardt has beautiful a beautiful pop-art look a la Lichtenstein.

    • Mrs. Woolfrey as Professor McGonagall

    • Mr. Jefferson has a crash on his trike.

    • Shoshi the hipster wants a latte!

    • The Bob Ross Posse from Art.

    • It's Snow White and the Seven Dwarves!

    • There goes Mr. Jefferson!

    • Dominoes Pizza. Get it?

    • It's Mr. Minnich as Beethoven!

    • Mr. Lang and his Free Solo guy.

    • Mr. Jefferson and Zai stage a crash scene.

    • Dopey the Dwarf with Sneezy.

    • Dopey makes off with the candy!

    • Bob Ross Posse.

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