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Grier Celebrates Lunar New Year

Grier students delight in learning about other cultures and traditions. Bridge Club and Grier's Food Services have helped to foster this global awareness by presenting an international holiday or celebration to the school every few weeks and pairing it with a special after-school snack. In honor of Lunar New Year, Mrs.Warner and Mrs. Wagner helped to organize a celebration during Friday's Extra Help period for the whole school to enjoy. They festooned the living room with festive red and gold decorations, symbolizing prosperity, good luck, joy, and beauty. Then, they laid out a spread of imported east-Asian treats. 
The tradition of Lunar New Year is celebrated in countries throughout eastern Asia. The year 2020 is the year of the Rat, a symbol of abundance.  People born in the year of the rat are said to be intelligent, creative, and resourceful, and have the ability to form strong social bonds. Many at Grier enjoyed the fun celebration in the Living Room. AV students created a Lunar New Years greetings video that they shared with the school during Assembly on Friday morning. Additionally, on Saturday, dozens of girls joined a trip to a hot pot restaurant for a delicious meal.

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