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Get Moving With Grier!

Grier has an array of athletic offerings when school is in session, including varsity and recreational sports, personal fitness, yoga, horseback riding, and dance. While social distancing has limited what can safely take place, Grier is upholding its commitment to the physical well-being of students by offering daily virtual fitness opportunities in dance, yoga, and body sculpting classes.
Students can take a look at the weekly schedule for access information to join Joci in Dance classes, Cherie in Body Sculpting, and mom Di for yoga. Public health agencies like the WHO recommend staying active now and always to maintain physical health, as well as, to improve mental well-being. Thanks to the dedicated fitness instructors at Grier, students are able to stay healthy and connected through virtual activities!

The WHO’s #HealthyAtHome campaign provides great advice to everyone about staying physically and mentally healthy from home. Some ideas, in addition to virtual fitness classes, include: having indoor dance parties, playing active video games, jumping rope, practicing yoga and stretching.  Plus, some of us may be able to get outdoors to walk, jog, bike, or hike while still observing public safety recommendations. 

Share what you are doing to stay #HealthyAtHome! 

Learn more about Athletics at Grier. 

    • Body Sculpting with Cherie Gates, Grier's Athletic Director

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