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A New Coffee Shop on Campus!

September 18, 2020, marks the Grand Opening of a new coffee shop at Grier located in former residential cottage Shelter Oak. The location brings the coffee shop and snack bar conveniently to the foot of Old Main.
The shop sells drinks including coffees, bubble teas, smoothies, and bottled soft drinks. Snack offerings include baked goods, instant soups, cereal, chips, crackers, cookies, and more! Students can place orders at the indoor cash register or through the pick-up window. 

Visitors to the shop can enjoy a choice of seating arrangements, both indoor and outdoor. The cafe is a place for after school relaxation and entertainment. Students can enjoy wall-mounted TVs, yard games, board games, and even outdoor movies, projected onto the white wall of neighboring cottage Gatehouse.

We are so excited for this wonderful addition to campus! 

    • Interior seating of the new coffee shop.

    • Opening day!

    • Shelter Oak is the location of the new campus coffee shop.

    • It is just footsteps away from Old Main.

    • Comfortable seating options.

    • Holly and Gretchen add beautiful decorative touches to the cafe.

    • Double doors lead to outdoor seating in front of the cafe.

    • Students can sit together at tables.

    • Place an order at the register or through the outside pick-up window.

    • Sunbeams stream through this cozy bay window.

    • Cafe staff prepare delicious beverages!

    • Blenders and flavor pumps are ready to go.

    • What flavor will you have today?

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