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Meet Grier Series - Meet Student Council Day Student Representative Abby S. '21!

At Grier School, we are proud of our diverse student community and culture. This year it is our goal to highlight our Grier Girls in their own words. Our new series, Meet Grier, introduces our students to our extended community while showcasing their achievements and stories.

In this Student Council Highlight, we're featuring Student Council Day Student Representative Abby S!


  • Name: Abby S.
  • "Home" when you're not at Grier: Tyrone, PA
  • Year: Senior
  • Years attended Grier: 5
  • Age/Grade started at Grier: 8th Grade

Why/How Did you decide to attend Grier?

I decided to attend Grier because I was bored at my old school. My public school was not academically challenging, but then I heard about Grier, and my dad suggested that I should apply. I decided to go through the application process, and I got in.

It was such a great opportunity, and the biggest I would ever get in my small town. I knew I would receive a better education, but I didn't expect to learn as much or more outside of the classroom.

Why do you prefer the all-girls school environment?

I prefer the all-girls environment because it is less pressure. There isn't petty drama over boys and if there is, it is extremely easy to avoid. I don't have to worry about how I look every day because there isn't anyone I'm trying to impress with my looks.

I also enjoy the all-girls environment because you can openly discuss more topics, there are fewer classroom interruptions, and there is so much support. In this type of environment, everyone usually hypes each other up and supports each other with practically anything.

Are you a member or officer of any clubs/organizations?  

I am the day student representative for the student council, the captain of the varsity volleyball and basketball team, one of the section leader of the soprano twos in choir, charge d'affaires in Model UN, and a member of NHS, the biomedical careers club, and select singers

Do you participate in any Signature Programs or activities? 

Yes, I began participating in dance this year. I started dancing a few weeks ago and I love it!

Dance has always been something I have admired, but I never had time in my schedule to participate. Due to COVID-19, my volleyball and basketball seasons got canceled, so I decided to join beginners ballet and jazz. I love it because I am doing something that I have admired for so long, and I think it is so beautiful. Now taking the classes I have a new appreciation!

I also love the teachers, Joci and Danielle are so nice and helpful, they give so many corrections with the sole purpose of teaching students to be better dancers. They are so supportive of their students and they push me to be the best dancer I can be.

I also have been participating in the music program since I came to Grier. I first joined the choir and junior select, a group that was for 7-9 grade students who wanted to continue singing at a higher level than the choir. I loved it so much because I love to sing, and they challenged us with harder music and pushed us to better my technique in singing.

Last year, I took a class called Honors Choir. I learned so much about singing in that class, I went to a festival, and I made so many friends in that class. I improved my singing and musicality so much because of that class.

Ginger Reinhardt, the director of the music department, is everything you would want in a music department head. She teaches singing lessons during the day and taught my honors choir class. She is so supportive, helpful, passionate, caring, and understanding. She wants to help you get better and she loves her job. She takes time out of her day to find different ways to help you with whatever problem you may have, singing or personal. I have improved so much because of her.

What has been your favorite memory or story from your time at Grier? 

I have two favorite memories, I can't choose. My first memory is when I played volleyball. Last year was one of the best seasons in Grier volleyball history, our record was 6-1. One game in particular was my favorite. It was the home game against Saint Joes, one of the best teams that we play against, we came in as the underdog. 2 hours and 5 sets later, we won the game in the 5th set 15-7. That was one of the best games we played. 

My other favorite memory was the first lab day last year. In AP Environmental Science, we were studying the health of rivers and streams. For lab day, we went to a local river in wading boots to look at the health of the river. That year it had rained a lot, and the river was pretty high. Fast forward an hour into our river trip, I waded too far into the river and the water level went higher than my boots and I got water in my boots. Another one of my classmates and really good friends also fell into the river so when we got out we turned our boots upside down and all of this water spilled out! She was a boarding student and I am a day student, so I didn't have a change of clothes so I had to wear her clothes for the day! 

What are you most excited about for this year? 

I am most excited about seeing my friends again. In a normal year, I would be most excited about starting my volleyball season, basketball season, my senior trip, and my Marine Biology trip. I would also be excited about all of the events we have after school like capture the flag, the Halloween party, and school dances. I'm sure it will be back next year. 

What is your favorite tradition at Grier and why? 

GRADUATION! Graduation is such a beautiful and intimate ceremony. Everyone is so beautiful and unique in their white dresses with the roses. Candlelight is always a bitter-sweet time, saying goodbye to your senior friends while congratulating them on graduating and continuing their life. 

What advice or message would you share with future Grier Girls? 

Don't be afraid to do anything and everything. You can try anything that you want here, there are so many opportunities to try and learn new things and there is so much support from students and faculty for anything you try. 

Just for fun - what is your favorite class, quote, book, recipe, movie, tv show, or podcast? 
  • My favorite class is either AP United States History, Chemistry, or Marine Biology.
  • My favorite recipe at Grier is bang bang shrimp!
  • My favorite movie is anything from Marvel or The Sixth Sense.
  • My favorite TV show is Parks and Rec.

Thank you, Abby, for sharing with us!

    • Abby with fellow Grier Student Council member Gia (2019)

    • Abby singing during Dr. Doug Grier's retirement ceremony.

    • Abby at the barre in Danielle's Beginner Ballet class.

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