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Skill Development and Camaraderie for Grier Volleyball

This winter, Grier volleyball players have returned to the court where they are running drills and facing off in scrimmages in place of interscholastic competition. Experienced players, such as Abby S., perennial member of Grier’s Varsity Volleyball team, are happy to help the newest members of the group improve their techniques. The group has a great time burning off some steam, having fun, and staying fit.
Cold weather doesn’t prevent Grier girls from staying active. During sports sign-ups, the girls choose from a big list of sports. Whether you want to focus on personal fitness, enjoy a group yoga session, dance, ride,  or play a team sport, Grier has something for everyone. 

Go Grier!

    • Partners volley back and forth.

    • Demi prepares a serve.

    • Lavinia returns a volley.

    • Maria launching a return!

    • Ana Paula sets and spikes!

    • Partners volley back and forth across the gym.

    • Abby S. sharing some wisdom with Maria, a newer player.

    • Annie Q. spikes at the net.

    • Preparing for a new serving drill.

    • Coach Beckel giving some pointers.

    • Abby makes a lunch for the return.

    • Grier Volleyball!

    • Lavinia serving.

    • Partners volley back and forth across the gym.

    • Players listening to Coach Beckel's instructions.

    • Ana Paula and Ceci volley back and forth.

    • Ceci motions to her partner.

    • Partners volley back and forth across the gym.

    • Ally gets some coaching from Mr. Beckel.

    • Ally serves the ball!

    • Partners volley back and forth across the gym.

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