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Modern Calligraphy Workshop

Modern calligraphy is a fresh and flexible style of writing that adds a beautiful and unique flair to notes, signs, and home décor. Grier Spanish teacher Sra. Margaret Liegel is an experienced calligrapher and offered Grier students a chance to learn the basics of the art by hosting a Modern Calligraphy Workshop in the Coffee Shop.
After school on Friday, the students gathered at tables in the coffee shop to learn about nibs, pens, ink, and more!  Sra. Liegel referenced the modern techniques used by calligrapher Molly Suber Thorpe compared to the traditional approach of Eleanor Winters. 

For many students, this was their first time giving calligraphy a try. Though it takes practice to master, they had a great time working with the pen, ink, and paper. Mrs. Nicole Grier, wife of Grier Board Trustee Mr. Geoffrey Grier and daughter-in-law of Dr. and Mrs. Douglas Grier, joined the group as well. 

Thanks, Sra. Liegel for sharing your skills with us!

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