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Campus Life

Pottery Open Studio: A Place to Create

In addition to high-level AP Art History and AP Portfolio art courses, Grier’s Signature Art Program provides opportunities for student artists of all levels and abilities to create and learn about a variety of artforms, including drawing, painting, graphic design, printmaking, costume design, jewelry, ceramics, and more!
Department Head Mrs. Heidi Zimbler oversees the ceramics studio. Here, students can attend courses in ceramics and take advantage of open studio times on Friday afternoons and some weekends. During a recent weekend open studio, students created name plaques from slabs of clay. Pottery Club focuses on constructing and glazing a variety of bowls for the annual Bowl Sale Fundraiser, typically held each May.

Your work is looking good, artists!

    • Lavinia C. glazes a clay piece with precision while, in the background, Nelli K. throws a pot on the wheel.

    • Nelli K. throwing a pot on the wheel.

    • Madoka M. examining a glazed, unfired bowl.

    • Students working on name plaques during a weekend open studio.

    • Louisa H. removing clay from her name sign, while Demi A. prepares to glaze.

    • Students working on name plaques during a weekend open studio.

    • Natalie K. finishing up a hand-constructed bowl.

    • Tanya S. and Nguyen V. working on their plaques.

    • Laila W. and Kirsten R. stop by to ask about participating and Mrs. Zimbler explains there is no experience needed to join!

    • Mrs. Zimbler speaking to Elizabeth C.

    • Madoka rinsing off her tools.

    • Pottery-filled shelves!

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