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Campus Life

Grier Celebrates Earth Day

Grier’s eco-conscious club Sustainable Sisters, along with advisors and science teachers Mrs. Kelly Forest and Mrs. Kallie Brubaker, hosted a special event to celebrate the 51st Earth Day during the unexpectedly snowy morning of Thursday, April 22nd.
The event marked the premier of a new walking path through campus that provides identifying information about the variety of tree species found throughout campus. In addition to the new trail, the event organizers created educational stations for teams of Grier students and teachers to learn more about environmental issues and how to help conserve the planet. 

To spark some friendly competition, the event included a tree selfie scavenger hunt and sustainable prizes for the best teams. Teachers even had the opportunity to checkout and test drive some eco-friendly cars owned by faculty members and friends. The vehicles included a Nissan Leaf, Chevy Volt, Chevy Bolt, a Hyundai Kona, and a Tesla.

The event was an excellent opportunity to reconnect with nature and become educated and committed to incorporating sustainable practices in everyday life. Thank you, Sustainable Sisters for organizing this great celebration of Earth Day!

    • Lenox and Lillian explain who to contact about issues affecting the environment.

    • Natalia, Nicole, and Hannah explain the benefits of plant-based diets and let visitors get a taste of a veggie burger slider.

    • Natalia explaining the benefits of plant-based diets.

    • Teachers learn from Lillian and Lenox about issues in legislation and state and federal levels.

    • Lenox and Lillian explaining environmental activism and bringing attention to some federal and state issues that affect the environment.

    • Demi, Lexi, Jojo, and Madeleine describe the problems with fast fashion and textile waste.

    • Madeleine helping Mr. Lang transform an old t-shirt into a cool bag!

    • Mrs. Brubaker, Yasmin, Anna, and Coco give a crash course on recycling. They explain how to recycle effectively and what can or cannot be recycled.

    • Anna and Coco are enthusiastic to promote recycling at Grier and they help Mrs. Brubaker collect Grier's recycling on a weekly basis. It is thanks to volunteers like these three that recycling is available at Grier!

    • Learning about recyclables.

    • Mrs. Gerber answers questions about her Chevy Volt and Chevy Bolt.

    • Mrs. Gerber's is powered by a battery, not gasoline.

    • Under the hood of the hybrid Chevy Volt.

    • Under the hood of the electric Chevy Bolt.

    • Celine and Abby share some ideas for sustainable, reusable, and waste-reducing products like mesh produce bags, washable facial cleansing cloths, toothpaste tabs, dry shampoo bars, more!

    • Celine and Abby encourage visitors to checkout the eco-friendly consumer goods.

    • Annie and Gia talk about different ways to compost.

    • An unusual sight: the open pool, cherry blossoms, and snow on campus.

    • Snow-covered tulips line the Colonnade.

    • A very old ginko tree.

    • Walking up the main drive.

    • Passing the Instrumental Music Building.

    • Heading to the Art Building to learn about recycling.

    • A snowy morning does not cancel the event!

    • Snow-covered spring blossoms.

    • A chilly start to the day.

    • In the Auditorium, Mrs. Kelly Forest organizes the groups and kicks things off.

    • Mrs. Kallie Brubaker is helping direct the event, as well.

    • The attention is on Mrs. Forest and Mrs. Brubaker to find out more about Grier's Earth Day celebration.

    • Sustainable Sisters members and others sport "Earth Day" t-shirts.

    • The attention is on Mrs. Forest and Mrs. Brubaker to find out more about Grier's Earth Day celebration.

    • A teacher team by the cherry tree!

    • Learning about electric cars and solar energy.

    • Mr. and Mrs. Salyards by a campus tree with some old carving. Carving in trees is harmful to the tree!

    • A trio of trees in front of the old church.

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