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Duck Donuts Day!

Students flocked to the Coffee House for Duck Donuts Day!  Grier Activity Director Mrs. Holly Carper arranged for ten dozen fresh donuts and twenty breakfast sandwiches delivered to Grier from Duck Donuts in State College for a special treat for Grier students on Friday morning.  
Anyone who has visited the Outer Banks of North Carolina may be familiar with the original Duck Donuts where customers could get custom-made, piping-hot fresh donuts. To the good fortune of Grier students, the shop is no longer a beach exclusive, but a chain of locations across the nation. 

Grier students enjoyed favorites like: vanilla icing with chocolate drizzle, the flip flop, peanut butter cheesecake, cookies and cream, strawberry cheesecake, and some decadent double chocolate delights. 

Mrs. Harriet Grier paid a visit to the Coffee House to visit the students enjoying a break from classes and to see the assortment of breakfast items, which were very quickly devoured!  

    • Happy students enjoying donuts and a break from classes!

    • Mrs. Grier taking a look at the dozens and dozens of fresh donuts!

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