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A Well-Carved Grier Tradition

Christine Fernandes
For the past 30 years, in a tradition started by retired art teacher, Laurie Cave, the grounds of Grier School have been festooned with pumpkins carved and sculpted by our art students for Halloween.  Not even the tumultuous fall of 2020 kept us from pumpkin-ing!
It's a tradition that awakens our spirits and brings smiles to even the darkest days.  Looking around campus you will find scary pumpkins and cute ones, funny ones and soulful ones, fancy ones and plain ones.  In the words of our Director, Geoffrey Grier, "There are SO MANY pumpkins!"
It almost didn't happen this year though. With only days to spare, Mrs. Zimbler, head of the art department, discovered that our usual vendor would be unable to supply us with pumpkins We are actually in the midst of a nationwide shortage of pumpkins due to poor growing conditions and blight.  A new plan was quickly devised and B&D Acres of Eden Hill (also known by locals as "The Hoover Farm") came to the rescue. The owners, Bill and Deb Hoover, are long-time supporters of the Grier School.  The astronomy club used to stargaze in their cornfields before we built our observatory.  They were happy to supply us with our orders, but we had to pick and transport them ourselves.  The art teachers, maintenance department, and one of the photography classes pulled on rain gear and gloves to pick and load over 200 pumpkins in under an hour!  It was a feat to be proud of.
And so, the tradition continues and we close out October with a smile on our faces and joy in our hearts.
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