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Grier School Celebrates Spirit Week

Students and teachers alike had the chance to really get into the Grier Spirit. From time travel to hockey teams, creative outfits and costumes made the halls of Grier something to see!
The week started with a bang as we celebrated the Lunar New Year and everyone had the chance to dress up in costumes that represented their home countries and gather in the Living Room for treats. 

Tuesday let us all take a peak into our futures with Future Day. Teachers and students dressed for what their futures hold. We saw nurses and photographers, artists and retirees (and even a robot). 

On Wednesday we dialed it back a bit. Fuzzy Slippers and plaid flannel filled the halls for PJ day.

Thursday was a magical display of anything Disney. We had princesses ready to burst into song. We had Monsters just waiting to scare you for your precious scream.  

And finally, Friday was celebrity day. The halls were full of professional athletes, TV personalities, actors, actresses, and pop superstars!

It was a crazy week, to say the least. Who knows what Grier has in store for us next?
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