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Families Gather for Parents Weekend 2017

Every year Grier invites the families of Grier students to campus for a special Parents Weekend. Over the course of the weekend, parents, grandparents, siblings, and guardians have the opportunity to see the Grier Girl in her element and learn about life at Grier.
The majority of Parents Weekend events took place on Saturday. Families arrived to campus around noon, with the parents of junior students attending a special College Planning Seminar hosted by Mrs. Cheryl Price and Ms. Kitty Moyer of the College Counseling Department. Shortly after, the mini-classes began. During this time period, parents attend their daughter's classes, following the same schedule as she does. However, instead of the full period, parents only attend each class for ten minutes. Teachers use this time to provide parents with information about the class, and this process gives families a good insight to their Grier Girl's academic life at Grier.

Grier musicians entertain parents with a special Parents Weekend Music Concert in the Dance Building. After families eat dinner in the gymnasium, they return to the Dance Building for a special Parents Weekend Dance Performance.  Throughout the day, families are invited to visit the Bookstore to shop for Grier gifts, meet with club and fund-raising representatives in the Auditorium, and meet other families. This year, Grier NHS hosted a charity Fun Run on Sunday, and invited students and their famlies to participate.

The atmosphere during Parents Weekend is warm and abundant with smiling faces. Grier students are excited to introduce their parents to their new friends and to show them their favorite parts of Grier. Families are reassured to see their daughters thriving and reconnect in person. Many families opt to take their daughters off campus for the evening, to get a special dinner, do some shopping, or just relax together at a hotel.

Grier thanks everyone involved for another fantastic Parents Weekend!

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By R. Woolfrey | Photo credit: K. Barr, C. Fernandes, and R. Woolfrey
    • Sisters Ashley '17 and Olivia '23 with mom Daphne '74.

    • Sophia K. and her mom strolling on campus.

    • Students gathered in the hallway while their families experience mini-classes.

    • Parents learn about their daughter's academics through mini-classes presented by classroom teachers.

    • Admissions Director, Mrs. Jennifer Neely greets parents in the Living Room.

    • Zai D. and her little sister waiting outside Mrs. Salyards History classroom.

    • French teacher, Mrs. Kimberly Pope, gives a presentation and describes the activities and learning taking place in her classes.

    • English teacher, Ms. Kara Lawler, discusses her Creative Writing class with parents.

    • Grace A. with her parents.

    • Beza S. with her mom.

    • Families have fun during Parents Weekend. Here, little sister of Katie S. dabs in the hallway.

    • Fun with family and friends.

    • Iris H. warms up for the Parents Weekend Music Concert.

    • Along with a delicious dinner, the Kitchen has delightful Green and Gold cupcakes for visitors.

    • Dancers demonstrate their skills in the Parents Weekend Performance.

    • Dancers demonstrate their skills in the Parents Weekend Performance.

    • Runners gathering for the Grier NHS 5K Fun Run.

    • Many classrooms are located inside this building.

    • Grier's campus on Parents Weekend.

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