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Grier Students Promote Healthy, Active Lifestyles to Youngsters Through Kindersport

Grier students and preschool children from the Tipton area have benefited for five years from a partnership between Grier and the Northern Blair County Recreation Center. Grier volunteers work with the preschool children in a program called Kindersport. The Grier teens lead the young children in age-appropriate physical fitness activities at the center.
Grier Learning Skills teacher Mrs. Shelly Davis coaches Kindersport. She has personally been involved with the program for about ten years. Five years ago, she began recruiting Grier girls to participate as a means of earning community service hours. After observing how active and engaged the Grier students became with the program, this year, Mrs. Davis and Athletic Director Cherie Gates formally made Kindersport a recreational sport option for the first time ever.

Grier recreational sports run in eight-week increments, allowing Grier girls the opportunity to experience a variety of sports during the school year. Offerings change with the season, but Kindersport is available in the fall and spring semesters. Since the Rec Center’s Kindersport program is only four weeks long, Grier students meet at Grier twice weekly for four weeks prior to the program’s start to become familiar with the games and activities and to receive lessons from Mrs. Davis. Mrs. Davis helps the Grier students design activities and develop skills for coaching young children. Once the Kindersport program begins, the students spend one afternoon preparing their lessons and one evening coaching Kindersport at the Rec Center near Tipton, Pennsylvania.

The Grier girls involved find Kindersport incredibly rewarding. They are able to provide a service to the local community, work with small children, and promote physical activity as part of a healthy lifestyle. The community is equally grateful for Grier’s dedicated involvement that helps make the program such a success.

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By R. Woolfrey | Photo credit: S. Davis
    • Grier students work with preschool children from the Tipton area.

    • Grier students work with preschool children from the Tipton area.

    • Grier students work with preschool children from the Tipton area.

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