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Picnic Celebrates Seniors and the Last Day of Classes

Following a half day of classes, students and teachers gathered at the Head of School's house for a picnic luncheon followed by a special presentation. Mrs. Borst "gazed into the future" and made predictions for Grier's senior class, students presented the yearbook dedication, and the group honored art teacher Mrs. Laurie Cave for her years serving Grier School.
Yearbook editors Haley A. and Linden M. presented the 2017-2018 yearbook to the student body and read the teacher dedication. The two teachers specially honored in the yearbook this year are another power couple: Mrs. Keri Salyards and Mr. Sam Salyards. Mrs. Salyards is an enthusiastic teacher of AP US History and AP American Government. She also leads the Empowering Girls Globally club. Mr. Salyards teaches 12th grade English and presides over the school’s newspaper. Courtney M. created the beautiful watercolor cover art. The theme of the yearbook is Grier’s motto sana mens in corpre sana.

Following the yearbook dedication, Mrs. Borst greeted the students. Teachers of seniors lined up behind Mrs. Borst who began naming students based on the length of time they had attended Grier. The students received a personal prediction from Mrs. Borst, then proceeded by their teachers to receive their yearbooks. This pattern continued until all the teachers were lined up and the “lifers,” students who had attended Grier from grade 7-12, were called up. A special mention was made for senior Grace W. who lived on Grier’s campus for the first fifteen years of her life, while her father served as Grier’s Head of School.

Finally, Mrs. Borst honored the ultimate “lifer,” Mrs. Laurie Cave of Grier’s Art Department. Mrs. Cave has shared her abundant creativity and fostered artistic skills in Grier students for decades, helping many achieve acceptance to top art schools and success as working artists. Mrs. Borst honored her with a gift and a gorgeous bouquet. Then, everyone lined up to wish Mrs. Cave well in her retirement.
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By R. Woolfrey | Photo credit: R.Woolfrey & B.Hampton
    • Mrs. Borst making a prediction for Grace W.

    • Mr. Pingry, Linden, and Haley presenting the yearbook.

    • Courtney's lovely cover art.

    • Yearbook dedication to Mrs. and Mr. Salyards.

    • Mrs. Borst presiding over the picnic in her yard on Grier campus.

    • The counselors were on hand to distribute the yearbooks.

    • Mrs. Borst and Haley.

    • Mrs. Borst and Sophie.

    • Mrs. Borst and Soraya.

    • Mrs. Borst with Grace.

    • Mrs. Borst and Nicole.

    • Mrs. Borst and Shelly.

    • Mrs. Borst and Mallory.

    • Mrs. Borst and Kaliyah.

    • Mrs. Borst and Mary D, who is rejoicing about her future as POTUS.

    • Mrs. Borst and Linnea.

    • Mrs. Borst and Katie.

    • Mrs. Borst honoring Mrs. Cave

    • Mr. Jefferson helps Mrs. Borst present Mrs. Cave with a stunning bouquet.

    • Registrar Mrs. Paulette Davis gives Mrs. Cave a hug. We'll miss you, Mrs. Cave!

    • Some of Grier's Riding Instructors and staff.

    • Admissions Director Mrs. Neely visited the picnic with her newborn.

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