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A Great Opening Weekend!

All the students had a busy, but fun-filled weekend. Over the course of the weekend, students took placement tests, tried-out for varsity sports and music, set up laptops with the IT department, registered for fall sports, purchased textbooks, toured the school, and attended informative all-school meetings lead by the Head of School Gina Borst. Amid the mandatory start-of-school procedures, Grier made sure the students had the opportunity to get to know each other and planned several fun events for the weekend.
Head of School Mrs. Borst planned a full line-up of activities for Saturday, beginning with morning Zumba, yoga, and sports try-outs. Clubs set up tables in the Auditorium to interest new members. Vendors provided fresh-squeezed lemonade, funnel cake, and cotton candy, while Mrs. Hensor and Mrs. Carper served hot dogs.. Much to the delight of the students, professional cosmetic artists offered embellishments of henna designs and elaborate face paint. Several faculty members performed on stage for the students, showcasing their talents and comedic skills. Another group of teachers provided some game-show-style entertainment with a game of Pictionary.

The students then split-up into their grade-level groups and enjoyed getting to know each other and their Class Advisors through several hilarious games designed to “break the ice.” The games included a group Blanket Flip Challenge, Guess the Assassin, Alliterative Action Name Game, Human Pretzel, and more! That evening, after dinner, a DJ turned up the music for a dance party in the Auditorium.

On Sunday, the students had the opportunity to enjoy the Coffee Barn and make the finishing touches to their class schedules. After an all-school assembly, the students departed in waves to the local discount store to stock up on supplies and more so that they were ready to begin classes on Monday.

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    • Opening Weekend 2018

      Opening Weekend - Dance Teachers

    • Opening Weekend 2018

      Opening Weekend - Vocal Music "Loathing"

    • Opening Weekend 2018

      Opening Weekend - Zumba!

    • Opening Weekend 2018

      Opening Weekend - Mrs. Porter and Mrs. Jennings

    • Opening Weekend 2018

      Opening Weekend - "Rockin' at the Grier School"

    • Classes meet with class advisors to play ice breaker games.

    • Teachers perform music and comedy sketches in the Auditorium. Here, Mr. Lang impersonates a ninja Mrs. Borst.

    • Students have fun taking Grier photos with funny props and costumes.

    • A professional paints intricate designs on students' faces.

    • Mrs. Carper and Mrs. Hensor serve hot dogs.

    • These students are enjoying hot dogs.

    • Elaborate henna designs.

    • More henna designs.

    • Bri and Olivia wait for some delicious, fluffy cotton candy.

    • Nora and Linden, Alumnae from the class of 2018 stop by for some fresh squeezed lemonade.

    • English teachers Mrs. Thibodeau and Ms. Barr perform a silly Shakespeare sketch.

    • English teachers Mrs. Thibodeau and Ms. Barr perform a silly Shakespeare sketch.

    • The Science Department forms a rainbow of knowledge!

    • New faculty member Ms. Wyland shows us a blue chemical from her Chem classes.

    • English teacher Mr. Lang and his son rock out with Photography teacher Mr. Pingry, singing a Neil Young paroday, "Rockin' in the Grier School."

    • Grier's Dance teachers get their swerve on with some hip-hop dance.

    • History teachers, Mr. Llewellyn, Mrs. Jennings, and Mr. Myers follow Zumba instructor Mrs. Jennings' lead.

    • Students love to seeing the funny side of their teachers!

    • Smiles all around!

    • Sydney, Lucy, and Paige.

    • A group of Grier girls lined up to sign up for Weekend Trips.

    • Grier friends with painted faces.

    • Amber and Logan.

    • Watching the teachers perform.

    • Ally beaming.

    • An impromptu student piano performance in the Living Room.

    • Pictionary!

    • Trying to guess the drawing.

    • Cheering for the winning team!

    • Mrs. Curtis promotes knitting club by bringing in her spinning wheel.

    • Anti-Bullying Club (ABC) encourages members to stand-up to bullies!

    • In Garden Club, students make beautiful floral arrangements and visit plant nurseries and gardens.

    • Grier clubs are inclusive and welcoming.

    • Student eager to sign-up for weekend trips outside the Grier Store.

    • Ninth grade class gathered in the library, playing a name-game.

    • Nadya is the best at Two Truths and a Tale.

    • These eight girls face the Blanket Flip Challenge!

    • Leaila and Grace share two truths and a tale with their group.

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