Banquet Honors Grier Athletes

Grier students who participated in varsity sports during the spring season enjoyed a banquet in their honor held at the Blairmont Country Club in Altoona. Sports represented during this banquet included: Archery, Basketball, Cross-Country, Fencing, Hunt Seat and Western Riding, Soccer, Tennis, and Volleyball. During the banquet, coaches from each team presented awards. Tables were festooned with team photos and a slideshow of highlights featured the athletes at their best.


  • Most Improved: Liza E.
  • Most Team Spirit: Rachel S.
  • Most Dedicated Archer: Olivia A.
  • High Point Archer: Lauren S.
Basketball Awards
  • Most Coachable: Abby S.
  • Mental Attitude Award: Sherry X.
  • Best Defensive Player: Jaden H.
  • Best Rebounder: Connie M.
  • MVP: Tam Phi
Cross-Country Awards
  • Most Improved Player – Michelle S.
  • Leadership Award – Nora V.
  • MVP – Tess M.
Riding Officers and Captains for 2018-2019:
  • Western: Courtney and Yazmin
  • Hunt Seat: Sophie and Lindsay
  • Dressage: Lindsay
Soccer Awards
  • Best Offensive Player:  Jaden H.
  • Most Valuable Player:  Alexis W.
Tennis Awards
  • Longest Set award:  Ellena Z.
  • Undefeated season award:  Singles 7-0, Doubles 3-0, Kristen L.
  • Most improved player:  Andrea J.
  • MVP:   Olivia A.
Volleyball Awards
  • MVP - Cas C.
  • Offense Award - Mary T., Jammy J.
  • Defense Award - Grace L.
  • Heart Award - Payton M.
  • Most Improved - Judy L.

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Photo credits: K. Barr
    • Athletes accept awards from coaches and riding team captains pass the torch.

    • A delicious dinner at the Blairmont Country Club.

    • Trophies and certificates for the athletes.

    • Coaches Ort, Kelley, Leen, and Simmons.

    • Tess and Nisa enter the Country Club.

    • Fencing Coach Stuart Crocker honoring Alexis W.

    • Phuong, Katie, Yazmin, and friends entering the Blairmont.

    • Tables of athletes and parents.

    • Linden, Jaden, and Tam.

    • Accepting riding awards.

    • Rachel receives an Archery award.

    • Volleyball team captain Cas giving Coach Ort a pin.

    • Coaches and players with Grier's Athletic Director Cherie Gates.

    • Fencers socializing with their Coach Stuart Crocker.

    • Abby and other volleyball players listen to speeches.

    • A hug from Coach Emily Fowler-Simmons.

    • Socializing during the hors d'oeuvres hour.

    • A group of team-mates socializing at the banquet.

    • Basketball Coach Shelly Davis gives a speech about her team.

    • Olivia listening to the speeches and awards.

    • A group of friends at the banquet.

    • Watching the presentations from coaches, some of which highlighted some funny moments!

    • Tennis coach Kelly Forest.

    • A group of friends at the banquet.

    • Coaches and players enjoyed celebrating the successes of the season.

    • A lovely banquet.

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