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Winter Concert Closes Out First Semester

Grier musicians and vocalists came together for a fantastic winter concert following the first of seven midterms that end the semester before Winter Break. The program featured a variety of chamber ensembles, choirs, a jazz band, flute choir, and an orchestra. A team of dedicated music teachers and technitions ensured that the show ran smoothly, allowing the students to shine! 

To celebrate the holiday season, the later portion of the show included a series of Hebrew love songs before finishing with some Christmas favorites, including a tune popularized by the Trans-Siberian Orchestra and the classic song about Dr. Seuss character, the Grinch. The concert was full of collaborations and suprises. Mr. Minnich handed the jingle bells off to Mrs. Borst during the Christmas Festival orchestra medley,and Mrs. Reinhardt's son made a cameo as he took over Honors Choir who sang a holiday parody about the stresses of midterms.  
What a wonderful show and a nice break between exams. Grier is grateful to all invovled with this concert. In addition to this program, Grier audiences enjoyed the individual music recitals and musical theatre showcase held the week leading up to the epic Winter Concert. Grier is proud to host so many talented musicians and vocalists!  Nicely done!

Winter Concert 2019 Program
Chamber Ensemble
And So It Goes by Billy Joel
Carolyn B, violin
Elizabeth P, flute
Mila X, piano
Jazz Band
Jumping Jellybeans by Dean Sorenson
A Darker Shade of Gray by Dean Sorenson
Quarterback Sneak by Dean Sorenson
Glow by Eric Whitacre 
Wonder as I Wander by John Jacob Niles
Chamber Ensemble
Por una Cabeza by Carlos Gardel, arr. by Mark Minnich
Cordelia-Marie C, violin
Lavender W, cello
Clara G, piano
Flute Choir
Passacaglia by G. F. Handel, arr. By Paul Morgan 
Chamber Ensemble
Danse Bacchanale by Camile Saint-Saëns, arr. by Mark Minnich
Chujun L, flute
Anna S, violin
Cecilia F, cello
Mark Minnich, percussion
Concert Choir  
Bandyrowe Traditional arr. Brumfield/Minnich
Carolyn B, Fiddle
Mark Minnich, Mandolin
Letter from a Girl to the World by Andrea Ramsey
Jordan Thompson, djembe
Agatha Wang, shaker
Five Hebrew Love Songs by Eric Whitacre
Carolyn B & Cordelia-Marie C, violin
Annie L
 I. Temuna (A picture) 
A picture is engraved in my heart;  
Moving between light and darkness:  
A sort of silence envelops your body,  
And your hair falls upon your face just so.  
Concert Choir  
II. Kala Kalla (Light Bride) 
Light bride She is all mine, 
And lightly She will kiss me!
Select Singers
 III. Larov (Mostly) 
"Mostly", said the roof to the sky, 
"the distance between you and I is endlessness; 
But a while ago two came up here, 
And only one centimeter was left between us." 
Honors Choir
V. Rakút (Tenderness)
He was full of tenderness; 
She was very hard. 
And as much as she tried to stay thus, 
Simply, and with no good reason, 
He took her into himself, 
And set her down in the softest, softest place.  
Honors Choir
Black is the Color of My True Love’s Hair, traditional arr. by Nathaniel Adams
Bourrée for Bach from 2nd English Suite arr. by Bennett Williams
(Additional words by honors choir)
A Christmas Festival, traditional arr. by Leroy Anderson
Hallelujah, by Leonard Cohen, arr. by Mark Minnich
Alexandra H, vocal soloist
Christmas Eve / Sarajevo 12/24, traditional arr. by the Trans-Siberian Orchestra
How the Grinch Stole Christmas, by James Horner/Albert Hague/Ted Geisel, arr. by Minnich
Alexandra H and Grace A, vocal soloists

  • Bryan Beckel, Sound Design
  • Daniel Hutton, Jazz Band Director
  • Mark Minnich, Orchestra Director
  • Julia Natoli, Trebles Director
  • Arron Ort, Master of Ceremonies
  • Ginger Reinhardt, Choral Director
  • Agatha Wang, Flute Choir Director & Choral Accompanist
  • Cecilia F – Cello
  • Selenia G – Clarinet
  • Tina W – Clarinet
  • Star Meng – Alto Sax
  • Lizzie P – Flute/Alto Sax
  • Chujun L – Flute
  • Dora K – Flute
  • Cecilia Y - Piano
  • Ashley Z
  • Alice Z
  • Gloria Y
  • Edith M
  • Debbie G
  • Cordelia-Marie C
  • Helena D
  • Petralinda M
  • Hannah N
  • Elizabeth P
  • Ann S 

  • Grace A
  • Carolyn B
  • Cordelia-Marie C
  • Elizabeth E
  • Clara G
  • Alexandra H
  • Annie L
  • Abigail S

  • Grace A
  • Carolyn B
  • Cordelia-Marie C
  • My Do Tra D
  • Elizabeth E
  • Clara G
  • Mikayla G
  • Debbie G
  • April H
  • Alexandra H
  • Judy J
  • Dora) K
  • Emily L
  • Lily L
  • Judy L
  • Annie L
  • Olga L
  • Amy L
  • Selina L
  • Edith M
  • Shoshana M
  • Star M
  • Petralinda M
  • Khe N
  • Hannah N
  • Karina N
  • Elizabeth P
  • Annie Q
  • Lillian R
  • Abby S
  • Ashley S
  • Ann S
  • Abby T
  • Nguyen V
  • Judy W
  • Cindy W
  • Logan W
  • Tina W
  • Nina W
  • Megan X
  • Vivian Y
  • Amber Y
  • Emma Y
  • Riko Y
  • Gloria Y
  • Alice Z
  • Ashley Z
  • Jin Z
  • Lucky Z
  • Cordelia-Marie C, Concertmaster
  • Carolyn B
  • Clare E
  • Jiwon H
  • Adele P
  • Jasmine S
  • Lavinia C
  • Cecilia F
  • Athena J
  • Anna S
  • Lavender W
  • Zaida D
  • Clara G
  • Olga L
  • Frances Rose S
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