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Revised Schedule to Benefit All Grier Students

In a letter to parents on Monday, Grier's Head of School Gina Borst announced the decision to revise the daily schedule. The reason for the revision, she stated, was based on feedback from students, both those studying in-person and virtual, who were feeling overly tired from the split schedule. The new schedule eliminates the split day, establishes a set study hall time, and creates an opportunity for Friday afternoon meetings and club activities. The changes take effect next week.
Mrs. Borst's letter, in its entirety, was emailed to families on Monday and is provided below, as well as, on Grier's COVID-19 resources page

September 28, 2020 

Dear Parents:

We are now in to our third week of classes and everything is going amazingly well as we adjust to this new world. Wearing  masks, following special dining room guidelines, daily temperature checks, and social distancing have been going better than we could have planned. Everyone is being very cooperative and willing to do what is necessary to make our school a safe and productive learning environment.

One very serious concern through all of this change is how tired everyone seems to be with the current academic schedule. Even our virtual students are struggling with the split schedule of the morning and evening classes. Originally, this schedule was designed to accommodate  all of our students, keep the girls connected both on campus and virtually, and to provide an opportunity to experience  a virtual class in case of any unforeseen issues. While all have been trying their best, it is obvious the school needs to make changes to the schedule in a way that is more productive for all students.

After much thought and discussion, we have developed a better schedule for all concerned. The evening classes have been eliminated and all class periods will take place in the morning. Boarding and day students will be in person for all classes and the virtual students will not have to attend classes at night and then again first thing the next morning.

I have attached a copy of the updated schedules. There is a schedule for Monday-Thursday and then a compressed schedule for every Friday. The Friday schedule allows for students to participate in clubs and other special activities only offered once a week.  Day student parents please note the new schedule may alter departure times for your daughters. Just a reminder, day students must leave campus once they have finished their afternoon activities/sports.

One final note, this Friday, October 2, 2020 will be an in-service day for the faculty to prepare for the changes taking effect on Monday, October 5, 2020. For this reason, classes will NOT be held on Friday . Day students should not be on campus that day. Virtual students will not have classes and boarding students will have a sleep-in day and special afternoon activities.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions. Adjusting to this new schedule will take some time, but in the end, I am certain the changes will prove quite beneficial to our school community. Thank you once again, for your commitment of working together as we all get through this incredible time.

Gina Borst, M.Ed.
Head of School

View the new schedule.

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