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Summer Dance Intensive

Summer Dance Intensive

Grier summer is pleased to offer a summer dance intensive that mirrors the unique opportunity of our year round dance program. Our intensive program, headed by the Director Grier’s dance program Jocelyn Hrzic, allows students to learn in a variety of styles such as jazz, ballet, and modern. It is a great option for passionate dancers who want to experience multiple techniques taught by skilled faculty.
Intensive campers will dance in three of the four activity periods, and select one elective activity as well.
Ages 8 years old and up are welcome to enroll in the dance intensive and it is no extra cost. Students enrolling in the dance intensive must enroll in all three weeks of camp. Classes may be separated by ability level.
Grier Summer also offers recreational dance as an activity for general activity campers who wish to add a little dance to their day without enrolling in the intensive program.”


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  • Photo of Jocelyn Hrzic

    Jocelyn Hrzic 

    Director of Dance
  • Photo of Danielle Bower

    Danielle Bower 

    Dance Instructor
  • Photo of Nicole Harmon

    Nicole Harmon 

    Dance Instructor
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